What is BiS?

Business in Schools Incorporated is a not for profit business association organised by business to improve school business relations and outcomes.

The BiS Board is comprised of business people from a variety of industries and a number of School Principals.

For Business

Positively impact school student outcomes, influence the way schools deal with business, and help align curricula with industry sector requirements.

Recruit and develop future employees and better prepare them for the transition to work.

For Schools & Students

Collaborate with business to improve student outcomes, transitions to meaningful employment, and readiness to work in an industry of choice.

Create relationships with local businesses to gain access to current, industry-specific skills, knowledge and resources to assist with staff development at your school.



Enhance student outcomes

Enhance business outcomes

Connect the community

Match curriculum and business innovation needs

"School business relationships have the potential to make a valuable contribution to the educational outcomes of students in schools.

Internationally, there is growing recognition among schools that they can address the many and complex needs of their students more effectively with support from a wide range of partnership arrangements, including those with businesses.

This is particularly the case for schools with significant numbers of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

There is also a strong trend towards business taking a broader view of its potential contribution to schools and their students beyond the traditional activities concerned with improving student employability and providing corporate sponsorship of school activities."

(Unfolding opportunities: a baseline study of school-business relationships in Australia Final Report - March 2010)